Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tort Avatar (Avatar Cake)

I definitely enjoyed to stay until 2 AM to finish the cake :-) I know there is room for better especially the eyes and lips. Thanks for watching!

P.S. Loved the Avatar movie :-)

Mi-a placut tare mult sa stau pana la 2 dimineata ca sa-l termin. Orice ar spune gurile rele, filmul a fost super :-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy birthday ME!!!

The most beautiful, extraordinary and exquisite cake ever made AND decorated! :-)))))

Ai auzit povestea pantofarului care nu avea propria pereche de pantofi? Eu sunt varianta lui la categoria torturi :-)))
Dupa o zi epuizant de minunata, iata si piesa finala , o feliuta virtuala special pentru tine :-) cu drag!

Tort fructe & frisca 2 (Whipped Cream & Fruits Cake II)

I love this type of cake: a loooot of fruits, mascarpone cheese, egg cream & whipped cream. A very fine and refreshing combination!

Acesta este combinatia mea preferata in materie de torturi: multe fructe, mascarpone, crema de oua si frisca. E racoros si fin!

Tort chitara (Folk guitar Cake)

I guitar cake for a lovely and talented young lady
I loved making it :-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tort Bomar (Bomar Logo Cake)

Heeey, it-s good to be back again from a "tooo short" vacation!

A few days ago, Simona, a very talented and gentle colleague of mine ( we attend the same master classes a couple of years ago ) told me that she would love to taste one of my sweet creations. Well, I do really hope I'll meet her expectations :-)
P.S. Alex (the birthday guy) works for Bomar

Draga Simona iti multumesc din suflet pentru felicitare, m-a emotionat gestul tau
Sper ca tortuletul a fost pe masura asteptarilor si va pup cu drag :-)

La Multi Ani cu multa sanatate lui Alex!